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With Cathedral of the Soul Online Seminary, it has never been easier to get the training you need, on your schedule, at your own pace. With our interactive, self-paced platform, quality education in church ministries is now within everyone's reach. And with the flexible program, you can cover as much or as little content as you feel is right for you.


At COS, our commitment is to make a world-class education available to everyone that has received the call to serve. There has never easier to bring the level training you need into the ministry you love.  The COS educational & Ministerial program is just the beginning of an exciting journey.


Cathedral of the Soul® Network Catalog of Classes




Cathedral of the Soul Online Seminary is a collaborative educational platform dedicated to educating and forming professionals that have as their soul mission the service to Mother Earth and all her sentient beings, making a significant difference in the lives of animal companions and their humans.


This vision is offered through teleclasses, webinars, downloadable ebooks and self-paced classes.


Cathedral of the Soul® Network Catalog of Classes


 On-demand, classes: The Modules are self-paced and include downloadable ebooks and reading materials and streaming audio. Some lessons are overviews and introductions to relevant themes and studies with the practical implication in your future ministerial development.


Teleclasses:  They are interactive teleconference calls. Teleclass series give the candidate sequenced instruction that builds week by week. ASN teleclasses are intimate circles that create community. More extended course series is supported by internet classrooms with ongoing communication throughout the week. Our long distance relationships develop into close friendships with shared experiences and learning. And you never have to leave home!


Webinars / Web classes: They are gatherings that allow you to join a live community and learn from wherever you are located. Real-time slideshows and visual materials via your computer enhance your experience and make it easy to follow along. You can connect to the audio through your network, or through a telephone conference line. Downloadable manuals are provided with the webinar classes, just like ASN does with teleclasses.


Practicum: The COS Seminary makes provision for training and Self - development. Live workshops are the primary tool for training, but  COS also offers hands-on experience and in-person connections. Some live conferences include ceremonial aspects that allow profound transformations and personal healing. (live seminars held through one of our multiple networks.


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Cathedral of the Soul is one of the many spiritual outreaches of Humanity Healing International, a registered 501-C3 nonprofit with Church status. Humanity Healing International regards the education of Ancient Wisdom, Mystical Christianity with Ageless tradition.


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