January 6, 2018

Little is known about the origin of Collyridianism, but Epiphanius asserts that it was largely practiced in Thrace and Scythia. He coined the expression Collyridians which has the meaning of "cake-eater-sect."

January 4, 2018

The Winged Self

by Francis Bacon

Lord God of heaven and earth,

Thou hast vouchsafed of Thy grace,

to those of our order, to know Thy works of creation,

and secrets of them...

I do here acknowledge and testify before this people,

that the thing which we now see before our eyes...

December 12, 2017

The Meaning of Human Virtues

What are human Virtues?

Human virtues are standard moral qualities of human beings and are related to the construction of the personality of each individual.

 “...happiness does not consist in amusement. In fact, it would be strange if our end...

December 2, 2017


 The Prayer of Saint Modestos Bishop of Jerusalem, is said in the case of every fatal sickness and danger  to oxen, horses, donkeys, mules, sheep, goats, bees, and any other animals.

Written by St. Nikodemos of the Holy Mountain 

O Lord Jesus Christ my God,...

December 2, 2017

The prayer has been handed down through the centuries from St. Modesto who was a priest and patriarch of Jerusalem.

Born in the year 292 AD, St. Modesto has been known for years as the Orthodox Christian patron saint of animals. During his life, he was known both for hi...

November 27, 2017

Advent is the liturgical time that precedes Christmas. It is undeniable of the period of Angelical Blessings.

In the silence of a midwinter dusk, there is a sound so faint that for all you can tell it may be only the sound of the silence itself. You hold your breath to...

November 13, 2017

Do animals have an afterlife?

This is one of the question that torment all of us, animal lovers and that regard our furry (and scaly) friends as part of our Families: Is there an animal heaven?

Also, do animals have guardian angels?

The answer is yes.

Animals also have the...

November 13, 2017

Interspirituality and Ethics

“Teach this triple truth to all: A generous heart, kind speech, and a life of service and compassion are the things which renew humanity.” ~Buddha

What is Ethics?

In its broadest sense, the term "ethics" would involve an examination of the hab...

November 8, 2017

The Cathedral of the Soul (COS) Interfaith& Interspiritual religious outreach ordains clerics to serve the spiritual needs of our Spiritually, Socially and Ethnically Diverse World.

There is only one river. There is only one sea.

And it flows through you, and it flows th...

November 7, 2017

Holy Orders is one of the Church Traditionally Recognized Sacraments, and it is the pathway in answering the soul’ Spiritual Call for Service to others.  The Sacraments are ceremonial practices that are more like life signs, showing us the important parts of our Journe...

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March 21, 2018

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