Q: What Kind of Church is Cathedral of the Soul.

A: Cathedral of the Soul one of the many spiritual outreaches of Humanity Healing International, a registered 501-C3 nonprofit with Church status. We are registered in the State of North Carolina as a Nonprofit Organization pursuant to the Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3) and our Charter and State laws authorize us to ordain ministers for Christ in all 50 States and Washington DC.

Humanity Healing International regards the education of Ancient Wisdom, Mystical Christianity with Ageless tradition underlines celebrates the early Christian theological diversity found in many of the ancient spiritual paths and encourages practicing the presence of the Divine in daily life. Cathedral of the Soul is the materialized expression of the of one of the twelve houses of Humanity Healing, namely the house of Faith.

Q: Do I need to go to school and earn a degree in theology to become an ordained Reverend or Chaplain on COS?

A: No. There is a difference between a degree in theology and becoming ordained and having Ministerial Credentials. A theology degree is an academic certification, generally requiring anywhere from 2 to 10 years of university study to obtain. Academically, a degree in theology is considered the same as a degree in philosophy and is generally required if you wanted to teach religion at a university level. Ordination simply requires a demonstration of your knowledge, your will to serve your own Soul Calling and commitment to the church and is provided as an acknowledgment of the church's recognition of your commitment. Ordination is widely accepted to perform all religious ceremonies, including weddings.

Q: Can I start my own church once I become an official ordained Minister from Cathedral of the soul Church.


A: Yes, there is nothing impeding you do so. When you feel you are ready to embark on this new stage of your journey, there will be legal steps to be made by You in order to incorporate your own church.

Q: In what religion will my ordination be registered?


A: The registration ordains you as a non-denominational Christian Minister (also known as Reverend, and or Chaplain). This gives you the option to choose to practice your faith according to any denominational Christian teachings. Nevertheless, our emphasis it is always on the Mystical and Esoteric aspects of Christianity.

Q: What is the Cathedral of The Soul requirements to becoming One of your Ministers?

A: For starters, we would like you to be truthful about your Spiritual calling to serve Others.

Also, we have faith in that a good Minister would be someone that believes in a higher power of God, The Divine Trinity, The Christ Consciousness and all its creative Manifestations. We believe in Oneness and the equality among all of God’s creation-(Inclusive of All the Sentient created by the Divine Mind).

Q: Do I need to undergo any sort of Ritual of Passage such a Baptism before obtaining becoming ordained Minister inside COS?


A: Baptism is a demonstration of your commitment to God. You are not required to be baptized to become ordained, but we highly recommend that if you have not already been baptized Independently that you consider it as soon as possible after your registration. However, we perform an energy transmission to help attune the candidate to the acceptance and performance of His /Hers Spiritual Calling.

Q: What do the Latin Words in your logo mean?

A: The Latin Words in our logo: Benevolentia Est Anima means  Benevolence comes from the Soul. These words express our sincere belief that hence God Created us in his image, Human beings, and inherently Good, compassionate and benevolent  Sentient Beings. Having said that, It is our firm belief that The Human Kind need to be educated and guided to awaken to your full potential be able to achieve the best of its Trueful and authentic self.


Q: What is A Spiritual Vocation?

A: Vocation comes from the Latin root “vocare,” which means “to call.” It refers to our Inner calling or life’ mission. In truth, it applies to all of us when it calls us to be of service to others. We all, as lay people or as ordained people, have a vocation, a calling. However, we have come to associate the term Spiritual vocation mission with the ordained ministry of the church,

Q: What is an Ordination?

A: Ordination,  according to the OPC Book of Church Order, “Ordination is that act by which men are set apart to the offices of deacon, ruling elder, and/ or minister. It is the church's solemn approval of and public attestation to a man's soul’s call, his gifts, and his calling by the church.”  Ordination occurs after a call is issued to a qualified licentiate for his installation.


Q: Is my ordination on Cathedral of the Soul Legal? Can I have my own local Ministry?


A: Yes, your ordination with the Cathedral Of The Soul is entirely legal. Our Minister Ordination is legal and valid in all 50 US States, Washington DC, Puerto Rico and US Territories by virtue of the US Constitution’s Separation of Church and State Clause, which grants us the authority to license ministers. Furthermore,  like we mentioned before, nothing is limiting you to incorporate and have your own church. Once you get ordained, you are a Reverend and /or Chaplain for life unless you request otherwise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does it mean to become a Chaplain?

A: Chaplains give spiritual counsel or advice to his communities such as hospital patients and their family members and friends. They have in-depth knowledge and expertise that guides them in talking with people faced with medical crises or other challenges. As part of the Field clergy, they pray with and counsel people who have spiritual and emotional needs. They are authorized to perform religious rites and ordinances.

Q: Are fees paid to the Cathedral of the Church tax deductible as charitable contributions?

A: No. You cannot deduct our ordination fees or the cost of books and materials on your taxes as charitable contributions. In The future, for your own ministry, we recommend you learn more  about the Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Tax Status Information.

The Theological Program of Cathedral of the Soul Seminary is designed for individuals seeking ordination for ministry within Churches of Mystical Christianity. The COS seminary also offers enlightening opportunities for those who do not feel called to ordination but want to have the education background provided by the academy.


Cathedral of the Soul is one of the many spiritual outreaches of Humanity Healing International, a registered 501-C3 nonprofit with Church status. Humanity Healing International regards the education of Ancient Wisdom, Mystical Christianity with Ageless tradition.


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