"The spiritual life is a call to action. But it is a call to ... action without any selfish attachment to the results."

Eknath Easwaran


Cathedral of the Soul is a group of concerned spiritually guided and mystically inclined individuals who desire to grow and express their faith as compassion towards all being: Humans and non-humans.

We believe in supporting one another is not just learning how caring for all beings is an ethical, moral and religious issue, but also promoting and engaging in concrete actions that bring about change on the individual, family, congregational, community, and societal level. We believe these are the reason behind all the spiritual callings of a soul. COS currently works with three different levels of Inner Orders, and two Outer Orders.


The Inner Order of Spiritual Healer: In this Level, the power of the will is highly developed. The Spiritual Healer learns how to open himself/herself to the Divine Energy that brings health and wholeness and learns how to share that energy with those who are in need. The gift of healing will be reinforced by the initiation of the Order of Healer.  Spiritual, educational courses are required to reach the certification for this level, along with the training of alternative Spiritual/Religious Ceremonies.


The Inner Order of Reverend: The Reverend is an honorific style most often placed before the names of Christian clergy and ministers. There are sometimes differences in the way the method is used in different countries and church traditions. The Reverend is also a title, form of address or title of respect. A Reverend is sufficiently empowered by his ordination to administer the sacrament of baptism and marriage, to handle the sacred vessels, and to help in the care of the sick and needy. The Reverend at the altar read the Gospel and take a speaking part in the performance of the rites. In the absence of the priest, pastor or the deacon may dispense the reserved sacrament and may conduct final ceremonies.


 The Inner Order of Chaplains:  A Chaplain is a religious minister authorized to render assistance and conduct worship in religious communities, convents, colleges, universities, hospitals, prisons, and other organizations or corporations.


A chaplain's most significant gift is to be present and just listen.

Diane Johnson


As a Chaplain, the candidate is empowered by the Holy Spirit to perform sacred rites in Christ's name.  A Chaplain also offers spiritual orientation to the people facing difficult circumstances; many times one can function as a mediator between institutions and the community that one serves.


 Independently of the level, one is intending to pursue, the Spiritual Vocation (Spiritual Calling) is, above all things, the granting of a life-changing opportunity and no effort is spared from our part to help the recipient to take advantage of it.


This Chaplain ministry is the essence of the perpetuation of the ministry of the Christ. Here lie the center and the core of Aaron’s priesthood. This is not a task one can relinquish whenever so moved. The invitation to service is forever.

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Cathedral of the Soul


Cathedral of the Soul is one of the many spiritual outreaches of Humanity Healing International, a registered 501-C3 nonprofit with Church status. Humanity Healing International regards the education of Ancient Wisdom, Mystical Christianity with Ageless tradition.


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St Cuthbert: Feast Day – 20 March

“Gratitude is the Paschal Candle in

the Cathedral of the Soul.” — Fr. Joseph Martin

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