This prayer is originated from the teachings of Dr. Krumm Heller, and was found in the book "Sacred Plants," which we transcribed below from its original in Spanish:

“Fuerza Universal y Cósmica, energía misteriosa, seno fecundo de donde todo nace.

Tú, Logos Solar, emanación ígnea, Cristo en substancia y en conciencia,

vida potente por la que todo avanza.

Ven hacia mí y penétrame, alúmbrame, báñame, traspásame y despierta en mi

YO toda esas substancias inefables que tanto son parte de ti como de mí mismo.

Fuerza Universal y Cósmica, energía misteriosa. Yo te conjuro.

Ven hacia mí. Remedia mi aflicción, cúrame de este mal y apártame este sufrimiento

para que yo tenga armonía, paz y salud.

Te lo pido en tu Sagrado Nombre, que los Misterios y la Iglesia Gnóstica me han enseñado, p

ara que hagas vibrar conmigo todos los Misterios de este plano y planos superiores

y que esas fuerzas reunidas logren el milagro de mi curación.

Así sea”.

In The tradition of Cathedral of the Soul, we encourage the daily use of Solar Logos prayer, mainly because we personally believe that it is a ritual that has a lot of power and that it can bring many benefits to the practitioner. It is a healthy habit to make a salute to the sun- Namaskar- every morning while utilizing this prayer. To make it more efficient, we have adapted it with the intention to ask blessings to be dispensed abundantly for all beings, that all beings may be benefited by our invocations:

"O Thou, Solar Logos, Igneous Emanation,

Christ in Substance and Consciousness, Universal and Cosmic Force,

Mysterious energy, fecund bosom from where everything is born and prosper

help us to complete our calling.

You, Solar Logos, fiery emanation, Christ in substance and in consciousness, powerful life by which everything advances,

Infiltrate us, enlighten us, bathe us,

Awaken in us, at the core of our Being, all those ineffable elements which are so much a part of You

as of they are of ourselves.

Universal and Cosmic Force, mysterious energy. I conjure you. Come to me. Remedy my affliction, cure me of this evil and exacerbate this suffering so that I may have harmony, peace, and health.

We ask humbly, in your Sacred Name, in which the Mysteries and the Gnostic Church have taught us, install your spirit within our core being.

Make you frequency be one with us all, so the mysteries of this plan, and of higher planes, and that these gathered forces accomplish the miracle of our healing, the healing of all Beings and the healing of Mother Earth. So be it."


1. The above prayer is not a translation but a free adaptation of the original prayer, so feel free to re-adapt it as you like, adding your personal requests to it.

2. We recommend the keeping of a basic format as described above and then to seek a discipline to perform it every day while facing the sun.

3. The absence of the sun on cloudy days should not be used as an excuse for not doing the practice, do so anyway.

4. Seek to stand with your hands raised, and palms turned up as one who receives the blessings.

May the Solar Logos, the Solar Christic force smile upon you and bless you abundantly.

And That all Beings be happy and live in an eternal state of Joy and Peace!

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